Meet our fun and vibrant team


Hi, I'm Sarah! Many of you already know me, I have worked in this industry for over 8 years. I am the Founder and Director of SairCare Support. My love for support work began when I worked in the Mutitijulu Community in the Northern Territory. I feel truly blessed to work with incredible families and to give back in any way I can.


Hello! My name is Cassie and I am apart of the administration team for Saircare. I have been lucky enough to grow up here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. The things that make me the happiest are music, cooking, planning events, getting creative & my friends and family.


Hello, my name is Kitty! I am part of the adminstration team for the wonderful SairCare Support! I love being outdoors and spent many years in the mountains doing snow seasons. Im all about trying new things and getting out of your comfort zone. I love to get my friends and family together for a home cooked meal and a good laugh.


Hi, I'm Gemma. I love animals, nature and getting creative with arts and crafts. I believe what you do makes a difference in the world and it’s up to you what kind of difference you want to make. One of my great passions in life is bringing people joy and creating great experiences. I'm also the IT manager here at SairCare, I love building systems that help the business run smoothly and that supports our staff to provide the best level of care.


Hello, I'm Jayde! I've been in the care industry for 7 years on the Sunshine Coast and abroad. I'm confident, enthusiastic and goal driven and love socialising and bringing people together. I believe that positivity goes a long way in every aspect of life and making it fun with lots of smiles and laughter is easy!


Hello, my name is Josh! I grew up here on the Sunny Coast and have lived here all my life. I love all things sports, music, cooking and being outdoors! I enjoy creating happiness and assisting my clients to live their best lives!


Hi beautiful people! My name is Missy. I love all things travel, nature, animals and living a healthy and active lifestyle. My greatest passion is to build special connections with people from all walks of life xx


Hello, I’m Brodie. I have grown up here on the south east coast and always like to make the most of the outdoor lifestyle by going surfing and hanging at the beach. I also really enjoy travel and music. I love bringing positivity, fun and adventure into people’s lives and hope to do it more in the role I play at Saircare!


Hi I’m Lexy and I love having fun! Surfing, snowboarding, writing, painting and practicing yoga are some of my favourite hobbies. Other than that I enjoy witnessing the look on someone’s face when they reach their goals. Besides support work, I write, make coffee and teach yoga for work


G’day my name is Ethan. I have grown up here on the Sunshine Coast and with living on the coast has built my love for the outdoors. I like to spend my spare time any where from the bush to the beach usually with my dog exploring. I’m a committed and passionate support work, with a lot of patience to help and support everyone achieve their goals no matter the size.


Hi guys! My name's Bri, I’m a new addition to the Sunshine Coast but am absolutely loving life up here so far! I'm an avid traveller, I lived all over the world for 8 years before moving back to Australia to set some roots. I love exploring new places and we are so blessed here on the Sunshine Coast to be surrounded by so much beautiful nature. I’m currently studying Nursing and working with SairCare. I am passionate about helping people and providing care and good times for those I support!


Hello! My name is Madi, I have been a teacher’s aide in Special education since 2015, have worked in disability support since 2017 and I have almost completed by nursing degree. I am originally from Townsville but relocated when I was 15 and love it here on the Sunshine Coast. In my spare time I like to dabble in arts and crafts and spend time with my partner and two beautiful dogs.


Hi, I'm Zarah. I love making each moment special doing what make me happiest - spending time with family, being outdoors, scuba diving, reading, mountain climbing, bodyboarding, walking my dogs and a lot of travel!! I’m very passionate about health and wellness and enjoy taking my clients on outdoor adventures, cooking with them, engaging in sports and water play and also taking photos so they can later share their memories with friends and family. I hope my clients feel their happiest during our time together.


Hi! I’m a former teacher from the USA who found her home here on the Sunshine Coast in 2019. I am a rugby union player, surf boat rower, swimmer and avid baker. I love spending time with my clients outdoors, getting exercise or whipping up something tasty in the kitchen. I love that this industry provides me the opportunity to share the things that I love with clients. The amazing weather here for walks outdoors is just an added bonus.


Hello everyone! I’m Rachel. I’ve grown up here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast but also been lucky enough to explore different parts of the world. I have a passion for new experiences, travelling, yoga, holistic health and a HUGE love for animals. I foster dogs from the refuge in my spare time to build their confidence and help them transition into a forever home. I aspire to one day open my own animal sanctuary right here on the Coast. Being apart of SairCare fills me with so much love, I hope I make my clients and their families as happy as they make me!


Hi I’m Jonny! Besides supporting people I am a qualified chef, drummer & guitarist. In my time off I love spending time with my children and dogs. I enjoy helping people find their passion and assisting them in pursuing them


Hi, I'm Max. I'm fairly new to the Sunny Coast and am absolutely loving it so far. I'm into all things outdoors, travelling, new experiences, and having fun! I'm very enthusiastic and outgoing and am passionate about helping people to achieve their goals and have a great time doing so!


Hello, my name is Kara! I am a Sunshine Coast local, currently studying Geoscience and working at SairCare. I’m enthusiastic about learning new things and spreading smiles and positivity, experiences I thrive to bring everyday at SairCare.


Hello, My name is Georgia, 26 year old female who loves to be creative! Sew, paint, draw, dance, crochet, macrame and so much more! I strive to mix the arts with the services I provide to integrate and encourage all to express and explore their creativity. I also love to be outside in nature, staying fit and op shopping. I have a wide range of skills and would say I am very much a people person! I have a playful, nurturing and kind nature which allows me to understand others while building trust and healthy boundaries in all relationships. My ability to stay calm and responsive when things may escalate provides a grounding and safe support to those around me. I look forward to meeting you!


Hi my name is Brendan! I have been in disability/mental health for for over 6 years and am so passionate about helping others. I enjoy teaching cooking, life skills and helping participants achieve life goals. If i can put the same smile on people's face like they've done to mine, my job is done!


Hello! My names Chelsea, I’m passionate about working within community and love all things diversity. I like to surf, the ocean, and holistic health but Pottery’s my main jam. I love the therapeutic nature to it and the fun In getting your hands dirty. Sharing creativity with people fills me with a lot of Joy. It’s one of the great things about being a support worker.


G'day legends! My name is Jacob, I am a happy and positive character with a good sense of humour. I like to keep fit, heathy and active. Have lived abroad and traveled all over, 45 countries and counting. I enjoy everything outdoor and everything sport especially NRL and AFL - Beach, camping, sports, family, cooking and music are just a few of my favourite things!


Hey I'm Ruby, I moved to the sunny coast 6 years ago from Victoria and worked in the scuba diving industry for 5 years. I got into support work through my love of helping people. I love to make people laugh by being my silly self. My aim is to make everyone I meet feel accepted and comfortable. I have a passion for outdoors, marine life and random adventures. Look forward to meeting you!.


Hi I’m Anna, I am an outdoorsy energetic person that plays a little too much sport for my age. I love all things animals and nature. I have two children and I am passionate about inclusivity. I strongly believe that every human should be respected for who they are and the wonderful things they bring to this world. I look forward to meeting you and to support your goals and dreams that you would like to achieve.

We’re so excited to work with you or your loved one to achieve NDIS goals!

Why choose SairCare?

Fully qualified & insured

We hold Cert 4 in disability and all of the relevant insurances and qualifications for your peace of mind.

Experienced & caring

Compassionate with a wealth of experience working in the health sector of an Aboriginal community.

Skilled support staff

All our staff have blue cards, first aid, CPR medication training and seizure management training.

A fun & vibrant team

We love what we do and work to connect people to their community and the beautiful world around us.